Maintaining a creative practise is compelling.  
"We all have a connection to the ocean and it's health. I imagine the other worldliness of coral reefs and the importance of their biodiversity to our lives, like that of a rain forest.  Using watercolours, gouache & pen I play with the strength of fluidity and layer organic shapes with details found in marine life."

The sound of waves and the feeling of salt on the skin create nostalgia for Parul's childhood by the sea in Dubai. Now with her own family and in commuting distance to London she is surrounded by smaller pockets of nature. She often seeks out the coast as the ocean remains one of her big loves.



Following on from a career in jewellery design and retail; in 2023 Parul has moved to working as a full time artist.

Parul received a BA hons Jewellery Design degree from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design and went on to work as a jewellery designer & later in retail consultancy sales. Her jewellery supplied Reiss, Selfridges, House of Fraser, Goldsmiths, was featured in Marie-Claire, Cosmopolitan and the Financial Times, How to Spend It magazine and worn by inspiring women such as Ellie Goulding, Masie Williams and Kiera Knightley. 

 British Artist Parul Tolentino


In 2018 Parul completed a course on Sustainability in Leadership at the Cambridge Institute of Sustainability. Elevating her sustainable and ethical standards of consumption is a value she works to incorporate into all aspects of her life.

Every limited edition archival Giclee print is printed on *bamboo paper in London. Each original painting is painted on high quality watercolour paper. Some works are painted on handmade South Indian Khadi paper. 

*There is less water wasted in the cultivation of bamboo than traditional paper. Bamboo starts to regrow as soon as it is cut down and is naturally white, strong & soft so no chemicals are required to achieve this, making it a useful and sustainable natural product.